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Can highly recommend chequered flag to anyone who wants to learn to drive! Thanks so much to Paul couldn’t have done it with out him! Great instructor!
Ellie Roe -
Anyone looking for a driving instructor I would highly recommend chequered flag. I did my lessons with Paul and he made the lessons relaxing, easy going and enjoyable. Big thanks to paul
Claire Bailey -
Absolutely the best decision to go with these guys for my lessons. My driving instructor Rachel made the lessons fun with clear objectives, so you always knew what you were aiming to achieve. She also bent over backwards to accommodate my busy schedule and strict deadline. I would recommend this driving school to everybody! Thanks so much Chequered Flag!
Catherine Hepburn -
Known the guy for years, fought with the chef some many fights and drove with the instructor .. hands down the best driving instructor ( and I have used few). Very flexible and accommodating and would gladly recommend Paul to anyone serious about getting their licence quick.
Sabri Kemmar -
Hands down, Paul has to be the best driving instructor going. He is extremely professional but still relaxed and in control when he needs to be. Would recommend every day of the week!
Bryn Holden -
Seriously if anyone is thinking of learning to drive or knows someone who is I couldn’t recommend a better company than chequered flag driving school bury. Thanks to them I passed first time thanks paul couldn’t of done it without you paul absolutely top bloke
James Wilson -